Hudson's Bay Company desk

The Hudson’s Bay Company was dominant in the Oregon Country before the Provisional Government was created in 1843 at a meeting in Champoeg, next door to present day Lady Hill Winery. This original Hudson’s Bay Company desk is still in use by the
Owen family at Lady Hill.

Welcome to Lady Hill Winery!
    I am pleased to share with you our True Northwest wines.  These are wines that embody the radical elements of this land and its people.  I strive to be as liberal, that is, “marked by generosity,” as our wines: Radicle Vine, Procedo, Ad Lucem, Fons Amoris and Pinnacle. We live in a bold country, beautiful and bountiful—we strive to make wines that reflect these qualities.
Elaine and I wonder at the mystery of our children bearing the marks of their siblings, yet each being their own person.  So it is with each of our brands. While all share family traits, each express their own authentic individuality.
As I write to you from the Hudson’s Bay Company desk of my forefathers, in our home affectionately known as Lady Hill, please know I am nearly as proud to bring you our Lady Hill Winery house of brands as I would be to present each of my children in this house.

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